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When choosing a company for sprinkler service, it is important to look for experience.  With 40 years of experience in the Treasure Valley, we have the know-how to get the job done.  We only have clean-cut, professional techs.  Our service techs work closely with our clients to service and repair sprinkler systems.  Our techs have a deep understanding of sprinkler design as well as product use.  We use high quality, professional sprinkler parts, and provide the best service our clients deserve.

Sprinkler Repairs


Sprinklers break and leak.  That's where we come in.  We can reapir breaks, splits, pinches, plugs, and more!  We have a full time service man who is availble to work on smaller projects.  If your repairs will take multiple days, our sprinkler crew will make sure your sytem is fixed correctly.  For 40 years we have been providing the highest quality sprinkler repair available to homes in the Treasure Valley.  Give us a call today and we will fix your system right.

Sprinkler Winterization


With the heat of the summer past, and winter fast approaching, it is now time to give your sprinkler system a much needed rest. We will winterize your system properly to ensure no damage will be done throughout the freezing temperatures winter brings. Our warranty guarantees your sprinklers will be working in the spring when they are needed again.

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Sprinkler Start Up


Our professionals will get your sprinkler system up-and-running in the spring. We will get the water turned on, program the sprinkler control clock, and turn on each individual station to make sure everything is working properly. Any adjustments that may be needed will be taken care of. A sprinkler system is only effective if it is properly adjusted. Let us take the worry out of a properly adjusted sprinkler system.


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