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We LOVE established yards. For 40 years, we have remodeled sprinkler systems to increase efficiency, water new areas, add new zones and heads, as well as update old, ineffective systems. Let our knowledge and experience help your landscape receive the proper watering it deserves.

Update Old Systems

Landscapes change with time. Plants grow, and watering needs change. We can evaluate your current system and suggest changes to make your sprinkler system water more effectively. ​


Our specialty is established yards. We can remodel a sprinkler system without destroying the landscape. In fact, many clients comment that it looks like we weren't even there within a couple days. Let us help make your old system more effective.

Add Zones/Heads

Do you have dry spots in your yard?  Do you have poor water pressure?  We can remedy these problems as well as many others. Often times, all it takes is a simple solution to fix dry spots and poor water pressure.  We can add a head or two, or split lines in order to increase pressure.  Each situation is different.  Call us today to set up a free consultation to see what we can do to remedy your watering problems.

Increase Efficiency

Old sprinkler systems waste water. New technologies allow sprinklers to use less water while covering areas more consistently. With a simply change of a nozzle and relocating a couple heads, you can see a drastic reduction in water use.​


New sprinkler controller technologies allow a sprinkler system to be monitored by a weather station in order to provide accurate watering for the current weather conditions. Sprinklers will water more or less, depending on the needs of the plants, and current conditions. Let us show you the water and money saving benefits of new, smart technologies.

Water New Landscape

Have you added new plants to your yard? Have your flower beds changed in size and appearance? We can adjust sprinkler and drip lines to water your current plantings.


​We can convert old shrub spray lines into more efficient drip lines. With drip, you only water specifically where you want, so you can be sure you are watering plants, not weeds.


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