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With 40 years of experience in sprinkler design and installation, and the highest quality products, we have the tools necessary to provide the most efficient and reliable irrigation system for your landscape.

Proper Materials


A good sprinkler system starts with choosing the proper materials. A system is only as good as its parts. We use the highest quality sprinkler parts available to ensure many years of reliable service.


Our sprinkler systems start by using brass fittings to hook into water sources. Brass will not rust, which gives you the peace of mind that your most important connection will not leak. We use at least 100 psi black poly pipe for all sprinkler lines. This helps prevent freeze breaking and pressure breaks. Our sprinkler heads are made by Weathermatic and come with a five year warranty. If they fail in five years, the manufacturer will replace them for free. We opt for the highest quality nozzles and use a brass nozzle specifically designed and engineered to produce the most consistent watering pattern available.

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Proper Design


Sprinkler systems work only as well as they are designed. It is important to install the proper type of head, in the right location, using the correct nozzle. We have 40 years experience designing sprinkler systems. We will make sure your landscape is properly watered with the highest quality, most efficient products available.


Each system is unique. We design to the landscaping. We don't use a 'cookie cutter' approach. We will walk through your yard and evaluate plant location, the amount of flowers, shrubs, and trees, and grass sizes and shapes. Your sprinkler system is then designed to properly water each individual item. We will make sure there are no dry spots in the grass. With the proper design, there will be many years of care free watering.

Proper Installation


Our goal is to install a sprinkler system without making an impact to the existing landscape. We use a pipe puller, rather than a trencher, to leave the smallest cut line possible. Our pipe puller works great on established yards without leaving unsightly trenches. We aren't satisfied until the property looks better than when we started.


After the sprinkler system is installed, it still needs to be adjusted properly. We will adjust each head to water the exact pattern needed in order to provide the best watering available for your landscape. Our highly trained sprinkler crew will also adjust your sprinkler control clock in order to provide the proper watering times for the optimal watering of plants and grass.

New Install

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