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Does Summer Heat = Dry, Brown Grass?


It's that time of the year again when the 7 day forecast is triple digits for as far as the eye can see. Heat is very hard on our lawns. What are we to do? Do we sit back and let our hard work turn brown? Do we hire a guy with a sprayer to paint our lawns green? Have hope! All is not lost. Here are a few ideas on how to help your lawn stay green during the heat.


Now is the time to make sure your sprinklers are covering properly. The heat will expose a bad watering system in no time. It is also the time to adjust your watering times. Increase watering frequency as well as length.


Lawns get stressed in the heat. Be careful with giving your lawn too much nitrogen. A good, well rounded fertilizer will provide your lawn with the nourishment it needs to make it trough these hot times.


When mowing your lawn in the summer, raise your mower up a few notches. Longer grass keeps more moisture in the soil. You want to give your grass all the help you can. By mowing longer, you are ensuring you are giving your grass the best chance to stay lush and green.

By following these few ideas, you are able to provide you lawn the best possible feeding, watering, and maintenance. Don't get discouraged this summer with brown grass. Give us a call today to help where we can!

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